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Join Local Library Summer Reading Program

June 3, 2019

Read every day. Read non-fiction, fiction, eBooks, poetry, newspapers and read out loud. For an independent reader, 20 minutes is usually a good amount of time to read. Local libraries have a wonderful summer reading program with incentives and rewards for books read over the summer.

Read to your child-especially beginning readers but older readers enjoy being read to as well!  

Before You Read a Story…

Give a short overview of the story. If you are continuing to read from a previous day, review what you read the day before, and discuss what might happen next.  Take turns reading aloud; for example, you and your child can each read a page.

During a Story…

  • Don’t ask too many questions or interrupt the reading too often. This helps children get fully engaged in listening to the story.
  • Summarize or adapt parts of the story that might be above the children’s level of understanding.
  • Ask children to imagine what they might do in a situation similar to that faced by a character.
  • Ask “Why” questions to help children think about character motivations.  
  • Stop reading at a suspenseful point in the book. This encourages the children to get excited for the next day’s read-aloud.
  • Relate the book you are reading to one you’ve read before.

After You Read a Story…

  • Talk about what you have read. Books often evoke strong feelings that should be shared.
  • Offer your reactions and invite the children to do the same.


June 3, 2019
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