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Outdoor Number Line

June 4, 2019

Practice fact fluency and estimation skills with an outdoor number line made from sidewalk chalk.

Appropriate Ages: All

Materials: sidewalk chalk, facts to practice, medium or large sized pebbles

  • Draw a number line on the ground with sidewalk chalk.  The number line can list all the numbers in a span, such as 1-10, or could skip count numbers by 2, 5 or 10.   
  • Prepare a manageable list of basic facts or other expressions for your child to solve.  You might choose addition facts like 1 + 4 or 20 + 30, subtraction facts like 18 – 9 or 50 – 15, multiplication facts like 3 x 4 or 9 x 9, or division facts like 16 ÷ 2.  Just make sure the answers to the problems are within the numbers on your number line.
  • Have your child place the pebble on the answer. You could even have your child estimate where to put the pebble for the answer, then figure out the real answer and check to see how close they were!
  • Variation for younger children: Call out numbers one at a time and have your child jump along the number line to find the number.



June 4, 2019
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