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Poetry Week! Read, Perform, and Write Poems

July 23, 2018

Poetry Week!  

Read a poem

  1. Find a poetry book at the library or online.  Have child choose a favorite poem to memorize and recite/perform for the family.
  2. Make an arts and crafty way to display a favorite poem. (a poem about nature could be put in a child-made frame with twigs, rocks, leaves glued on.)

Popular Poetry Books

Different Kinds of Poems

Write a poem


Write a cinquain (a 5-line poem, often inspired by nature) about a memorable place you have visited: the ocean, a planetarium, the forest, your backyard, a neighborhood park, your school playground — even the flowering tree at the end of your block can be inspiring. Here are the “rules” of a cinquain:

  • Line 1: One word title, a noun that identifies your topic
  • Line 2: Two adjectives that describe your topic
  • Line 3: Three “ing” verbs that describe action
  • Line 4: A phrase that describes something about your topic
  • Line 5: A noun that is a synonym or another way to name your topic



reaching, bending, fluttering

leaves and twigs in the wind


List poem

How to Write a Funny List Poem


July 23, 2018
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